Asthma in adults

Asthma sick an increasing number of people due to poor environmental conditions. Now only the number of patients is rapidly increasing, even in spite of timely diagnosis and innovative treatment. Statistics showed that in the world of this insidious disease affects more than 160 million people. The disease is characterized by the fact that airway inflammation is pathological. If a relapse occurs, then another bout of suffocation begins to torment you again and again, while it is both short and long-term nature.

Often in the early stages of development of the disease it passes by itself. In some cases people are not even aware of developing inside his pathology. But time does not stand still, and if left untreated and not to carry out timely prevention, short episodes of choking begin to take on a mass character. In this case, you must immediately go to a qualified doctor. Asthma is genetic in nature, which means that it will be inherited.

Classification of All types of asthma is based on chronic allergic inflammation. It provokes hyperactivity of the bronchi. Thus, regardless of whether the patient is an adult or a child, periodically there are attacks of shortness of breath, accompanied by the emergence of rale. Generally, asthma is divided into heavy, medium and mild. If the disease is of light degree of partial obstruction of breathing, a relapse can take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as theophylline. In addition, doctors prescribe inhaled medium in which the cough leaves quickly.

  • 1) Moderate asthma differs weekly wheezing and shortness of breath. But in severe stage, the cough torturing you every day.
  • 2) Aspirin asthma is a very severe form of the disease occurring in children and adults. It is a combination of the disease, rejection of aspirin and of nasal polyposis.
  • 3) Bronchial asthma. This is a manifestation of Allergy. These include atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis
  • 4) status Asthmaticus. Recognized as the most difficult form of the disease

If time does not cure the pathology, but in this case can even be fatal. The disease occurs in children and the elderly.

Symptoms and signs of asthma in adults asthma is recognized as a pathological disease in which the affected Airways. The development of the disease accompanied by pathological cough, the systematic attacks of deterioration, and said in a hoarse breath. In that case, if the disease rapidly develops into chronic, then it becomes an important symptom of an asthmatic attack. The very development of bronchial asthma in adults occurs in different ways in connection with the characteristics of the human body. In addition, the conditions of the progress of the disease are different. If we take into account the atopic form, it occurs as a result of direct contact with the allergen.

Infectious – allergic asthma occurs due to emotional stress. The beginning of the attack is accompanied by the spontaneous appearance of itching, and runny nose and feeling of compactness in the area of the chest. Usually the attack begins suddenly patient feels anxiety, difficulty breathing and chest pain. To this must be added, and dry rales, perceived from afar. Difficult breathing, and breathing becomes impossible, the veins on your neck swell. The attack runs for quite a long time. Manifest the main symptoms: cough, characterized by sputum or secretions of the skin between the ribs begins to actively get involved.

This process occurs during breathing. dark circles formed under eyes trouble breathing. The patient gets worse to breathe if he performs physical exercise or busy activities. shortness of breath begins to rapidly increase at night or morning patient gets worse to breathe, if it's cold outside, the pathological disease is characterized by dry cough, presence of wheezing cough condition improves significantly if the patient receives the appropriate medications that expand the bronchi.