What is Astma?

It all starts just as the common cold or viral infection that knocks you off your feet every spring when the weather is replaced by anger at the mercy. Only instead of having to go through a couple of weeks, cold suddenly develops a strange periodic discomfort: may feel fine for a few days, and then go into a fit of terrible coughing, tearing the lungs. Often this happens during the night or after exercise. This is asthma, which, by defining the level of oxygen in the blood and the respiration parameters, can set you allergologist, after three months, the therapist will cure you of your bronchitis.

In recent years, cases of bronchial asthma, including in adults, increased considerably. For example, even in the prosperous United States for four years, the number of patients increased by 40%. Almost 15 million Americans suffer from this incurable disease, and despite new effective drugs, it continues to die in America, approximately 5,000 people a year. Over the past 30 years revealed that for women the probability of developing asthma is higher than for men, they often need urgent assistance during acute attacks and often die.

That leads to disease. The majority of citizens spend 90% of the time in poorly ventilated homes and offices, which accumulates a lot of dust. The probability of catching asthma high people coming after school to work. Moving to a new residence, you also run the risk: changing environment you are exposed to attacks of new allergens.

Allergies in a new place can develop within three years. Recent studies have also confirmed that another important cause of asthma is Smoking. The fact that Smoking is very common among girls, perhaps, explains the high percentage of the female incidence of asthma. What is asthma. When sensory fibers of the lower respiratory tract not adequately respond to the invasion of different stimuli (even such harmless as cold air), white blood cells flock to the "alarm" area, forming an inflammatory substance that causes swelling and makes breathing difficult. Difficulties the patient is experiencing inhaling and exhaling the air that sometimes comes out of the lungs whistling. Breathing with a typical whistling sound has long been considered a symptom of asthma. In fact, studies show that this is not always the case.

For example, if the cough asthma breathing is accompanied by whistling, and because patients often put incorrect diagnosis of SARS or bronchitis. And wheezing can be a sign of asthma, emphysema, or heart failure. Young people with whistling breathing is often mistaken for asthma is highly prevalent dysfunction of the vocal cords. And when such patients do not help asthma medications, they are often written in a "persistent asthmatic", and sometimes they are doomed for many years to take powerful drugs with equally powerful side effects. And because any suspicion of asthma should be confirmed using spirometry. The patient breathes into a tube, and the computer records a maximum force of exhalation with maximum breath; if there is suspicion of asthma, spirometry is performed pre-bronchodilator inhalation of the drug.

Spirometry is the most reliable diagnostic method, allowing to cut off incorrect assumptions and outline the line of further examinations. Despite the fact that asthma is practically incurable, even in the most difficult cases, patients can lead a normal life. With proper treatment, stabilizing pulmonary function, seizures may not be repeated. More likely, however, that inflammation of the Airways happens when a strong stimuli – ranging from the smell of paint and finishing intense exercise. Medication. When it is necessary to reduce asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks the most important medicines – corticosteroid inhalers. Unlike short-inhalers used for a short-time relief, corticosteroid used regularly. In response to widespread concerns that these drugs have strong side effects (including glaucoma and cataracts) doctors explain that when you inhale the drug works in only lungs without damaging the body as a whole.

The steroids inside are shown in serious cases, the patients can switch on inhalers immediately after the removal of inflammation. Those who have asthma occurs in a moderate form, can use inhalers regularly during a cold or possible contact with allergens. Fast money, dilates the bronchi, used during asthma attacks. These drugs only relieve the attack. The use of a long-running drugs reduces the frequency of asthma symptoms and helps patients to avoid constant use of fast acting medicines. Even strong medication does not cure asthma. Although, if you use them, the possibility of death is greatly reduced. Doctors insist that every patient in addition to oral instructions from the doctor, was in possession of clear instructions for use of the drug (without that 50% of doctors and 90% of patients make mistakes in the use of medication). With asthma should see a specialist at least once a year.

Examine your asthma. Hypothermia, exercise, exhaust gases and food preservatives are just a few common causes for bronchial asthma attacks. But every patient has their specific allergens. Food and plant pollen rarely provoke attacks of asthma in adults, but aerobics may cause you will start to suffocate. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

Avoid cold, dry air. Winter exercise indoors. It is better to go for a swim in the pool instead of Jogging or Cycling. Maintain overall body tone. Strengthening the muscles has a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs. If it is not possible to avoid exposure to allergen consult your doctor and take measures in advance.

Many women asthma symptoms increase before menstruation due to fluctuations in hormone levels. If the medications usually help you, suddenly became ineffective, you also need expert advice. The news that the disease is incurable and we should not forget about medications, anyone may deprive of courage. But far worse is the feeling of helplessness that overtakes the person during a seizure, if he had not went to the doctor and did not know what medications to take. Asthma medication and pregnancy. Since the development of the fetus depends on oxygen supply, proper medication is especially important during pregnancy. Untimely and uncontrolled treatment can lead to delayed development and defects. Visit your doctor as soon as you learn about pregnancy, and even better – in advance. Asthma unsound, and the doctor will help you choose the most secure. Go to the doctor every month – you may need a dosage adjustment or preparation. Consult with several specialists.

The perpetrators of the attack can be:

  • 1. little mites that live in mattresses, pillows, carpets, furniture upholstery and perfectly reproduce all the dusty places – especially in humid climates. To get rid of mites keep the humidity in the room below 50% in the winter and use the air conditioner in the summer. Remove from the carpets and upholstered furniture, put on the pillows allergen impermeable covers, wash linens at least once a week in hot water;
  • 2. Pets – cats, dogs, rodents and even birds. If you can't part with a beloved cat or hamster, at least not let them into the bathroom and a room with soft furnishings and carpets. Studies have shown that, even if every day you bathe the poor animal with antibacterial shampoo, allergen since it is not going anywhere;
  • 3. cockroaches seek their complete destruction;
  • 4. mold – once a year change the air conditioner filter. Dry in the straightened form shower curtains. At the first sign of mold, hang a new one. Wash the tub or shower chlorine solution at least once in three months.