What is tonsillitis

What is tonsillitis? Speaking in plain and simple language is an inflammatory process in human tonsils. Named disease belongs to the of infections common, which affects the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by fever, sore throat, sometimes the gaps can be formed purulent plugs. They are suffering the vast majority of the population.

As you know, is in the throat six tonsils: two of them are located in the heart, so you don't see them, another — in its upper part (called the amygdala called the adenoids, however, is that only children, and later with age it almost completely disappears), the fourth hid in the root of the tongue, fifth and sixth perched at the entrance on both sides of the throat (the tonsils called the Palatine).

Their common name — the tonsils. So inflammation is such tonsils are almost always mean, if we are talking about tonsillitis. Those who know what is tonsillitis, be sure to know what tonsils do in the body function to protect it from infections. Found that the tonsils are the initial barrier to viruses and bacteria that were in the mouth and nose, and tend to get in the body. For this reason, sometimes the inflammation they can become themselves, this is exactly what happens when tonsillitis.

As you know, inflammation of the tonsils (the second name — tonsillitis) is an acute and chronic. It is established that acute tonsillitis is most often caused by bacteria and viruses. In the first case, it is still called angina, is called the hemolytic streptococci belonging to group A (bacteria and viruses). In acute tonsillitis the patient is diagnosed increased in size and red in color almond, one feels sore throat, joint pain, pain when swallowing, headache, nausea, it's frozen.

But the viral tonsillitis does not require any special treatment, it usually is a "side effect" of SARS and independently passes. In some cases, the patient may require medical assistance and antibiotics. Symptoms of viral tonsillitis are sore throat, a tickle, during the inspection of the tonsils is observed an increase and redness. Named disease lasts usually 5-6 days. What is tonsillitis, you know, and people suffering from its chronic form. Chronic tonsillitis appears in the background goes untreated properly acute bacterial tonsillitis.

As a rule, chronic tonsillitis occurs in waves: he does have periods of calm, from time to time followed by periods of exacerbation when the patient increases the temperature, and the throat appear white or yellow tube-lumps.

They consist of cells and bacteria in the tonsils that have already died off, as well as of pus and are the source of intoxication. Tonsils of person with chronic tonsillitis superficially radically different from normal tonsils. On them is clearly visible due to the earlier exacerbations: thus, they appear generally wrinkled, covered with scars, which normally have a pink color, smooth, without any irregularities of surface, which directly affects the health of the patient. In addition chronic tonsillitis can be a catalyst for the spread of infection, for example, kidney, heart, and other organs.

By studying the information on the topic, what is tonsillitis, everyone should know that the causes and development of disease are the structural features of the gland, and the disruption of natural processes in the tonsils and their protective mechanisms.

To facilitate the occurrence of the above mentioned diseases may also unfavorable external environment factors, for example, bad rainy weather, which eventually led to the soaking of the feet, and then to cold. In the period of exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis are fraught with the same as angina, complications. For this reason, it is necessary to treat, but the decision is taken only by a doctor, a specialist who knows for sure, what is tonsillitis and treatment of the disease, must decide what medicine what antibiotics will suit your case best.

And taking antibiotics always, if you have:

  • for three days there is a high temperature, usually in the special period of aggravation of the disease, it reaches 39-40 degrees;
  • in the throat severe pain occurs, and when swallowing becomes unbearable;
  • appears increased salivation, sometimes such that you can't even unclench your teeth (this feature is more typical for children);
  • the raids tonsils appear yellowish or white color and even bubbles (at least one);
  • the patient becomes difficult to breathe.

It should be noted that the treatment of chronic tonsillitis is with the use of pills, injections appointed, and includes a lubrication antiseptic solutions of the tonsils, laser treatment, leaching tubes.

To not get sick, do not learn to practice, what is tonsillitis, prevention of the disease need to from time to time to gargle with a solution of iodine and salt, when in a glass of warm water necessarily becomes loose 5 drops of iodine and a teaspoon of salt. Before, if the disease is activated often, it was the practice of removing the tonsils. At present, the medical opinion on this score has changed, today, on the contrary, they are trying to preserve the tonsils as long as possible, because those, as mentioned above, protect our body from infections and bacteria of all kinds, taking the hit, are one of the most important organs of the immune defense of the human body.

Modern antibacterial agents, which in the treatment of tonsillitis have proven themselves quite effectively, in most cases, help to prevent disease, to do without surgery. It is well known that in the treatment of tonsillitis widely used as gargle a variety of warm antiseptic solutions, and use during treatment to relieve unpleasant symptoms — sore throat — a special candy.

Along with the conservative treatment which the physician prescribes, what is tonsillitis and methods of its treatment and knows traditional medicine. One of her remedies, such as gargling with an infusion of sage leaves, eucalyptus and chamomile, only this should be done in a day many times throughout the week.

Well when tonsillitis is helping propolis has immunostimulant and antibacterial properties. To prepare the desired mixture of a teaspoon of propolis, present in the alcohol, diluted in one glass of water (definitely warm and previously boiled) and the resulting solution rinse the throat. Someone who knows how to lubricate the tonsils, can St. John's wort oil to cook. Quite effective homemade inhalation, they are made from decoctions of various herbs, which is added baking soda. Remember not to breathe directly over the boiling water, cooked broth, you need to give three minutes to cool, so the temperature was about 85 degrees. Then breathe drug pairs not more than five minutes, after which hour nothing to drink and eat.

Perhaps, in any family you know, what is tonsillitis, ways and methods of treatment, as well as the fact that the disease well help packs to quickly relieve sore throat. Among them is the famous vodka compress, and it is better boiled in their jackets potatoes, her hot crush, wrap in a cotton cloth and wrap the throat for about 30 minutes, then wrap yourself up warm with a scarf.

During treatment to maintain the body's recommended to drink the tea herb with leaves of strawberry, raspberry, black currant, good for diseases of pomegranate and orange juices, cranberry juice, milk with honey.

Although the most important recommendation: do not start the disease when the first symptoms begin to treat it, to avoid potential complications, get rid of that much harder. The only way to ensure that you'll never know in practice what is tonsillitis, especially the chronic form.